-Beauty & The Beast. So this is it. My 365 day project is complete. I am honestly shocked at how quick this year went by. How many people I met and how many of those I’ve lost. I’ve learned new things, visited new places and even received a new name. I have a husband now who I will share many many more new years with. And I’ve grown into a person I can truly be proud of. Thank you 2011 for giving me all that you have. 
-Heirloom Blue. Not sure if this photo really expresses the beauty of this blue the way it did in person, but I absolutely love this little eggs! Looking forward to a new year, its just around the corner! 
-Travel Journal. Rose from work gave me this beautiful Travel Journal for Christmas. She is so very sweet! She has a way about her stories that makes you just want to sit there for hours and listen. I hope that since my 365 photo project is coming to a very close end, I can do something new next year with written passages of my journeys in 2012. I’ll carry this little book with me everywhere, just in case something amazing happens! 
-1 CT. After having such a headache with my other two rings [yes, I’ve had several due to loose diamonds] I’ve decided to go for the 1 CT weight in hopes that the bigger diamonds will have better prongs to keep them secure.  Its been almost 4 months & I can finally wear my ring! 
-White Mage. So I’ve been planning this one for awhile and I am very pleased with how she turned out! Got my White Mage from Final Fantasy Tactics to match my husband’s Black Mage on his other arm. So now when we hold hands, our Mages will be next to each other. 
-Sew Tired. Had all day off to experiment with my new sewing machine! Its gorgeous and so very very useful! I can’t wait to start working on cosplay projects and hopefully making new and interesting clothes for Brandon & I! 
-Hello, Kitty. What a wonderful day! Had the entire day off to cook, relax, and love the people around me. Morning was spent with my Dad & sisters. We exchanged gifts. Alex got me this adorable Hello Kitty perfume! Its so yummy. Then I went home & had a great little Christmas with my husband & mother in law. I baked a pear/apple pie and made a nice dinner. Fell asleep by 7 and called it a night!
-Christmas Eve. Tonight was great! Spent it with my family! We went out to dinner at Kobes to have a nice Japanese Steak House meal and then went to Midnight Mass. It was full of giggling. Laughing in church is something my sisters & I are great at. 
-Busy Bee. Ahhh so very very busy! I’ve been up to my forehead with clay orders and on top of that, been working full time at my other job. Its wonderful but I certainly do need a break soon! Can’t wait for the holidays. 
-Darling Peony. Originally put this bouquet together for a friend & her new born baby. But I haven’t been able to go visit her yet and I’m sure she’s super busy being a new Mommy. So for now, it’ll be sitting on my desk, making me happy. Nothing wrong with buying yourself flowers I suppose. 
-Cactuar. Just a little peek at my husband’s WIP sleeve. He’s been working on it for the last year and will hopefully be finished in just a few weeks by adding a nice background to tie in all of his favorite Final Fantasy beasts. I absolutely love the work Brett Barr does: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1570851482

-Walking T-Rex. Last night before heading to bed, Brandon & I assembled Alex’s gift. A walking, wooden T-Rex. Baba was scared to death of it while it didnt really effect Xeno. After work today, Brandon will be heading off to get more of his sleeve done. It’s got me thinking of tattoos & I plan on getting another hopefully this time next week! 
-Roys. Today was my husband’s 25th Birthday. Felt so bad, he had to work all morning. But I hope I made the rest of the night worth it. Went to Roy’s, a hawaiian seafood restaurant. Followed by KungFu Panda 2 by candle light accompanied by foot rubs and hot chocolate. I know I had a good night! 
-Sundrop Sheets. This is where I want to be, all day. But unfortunately I’m working and stressing about shipping out last minute packages to make it in time for the holidays. Sleep will have to come later. 
-Messenger. Today was a full day of clay, clay, and more clay. Have so much to catch up on to ship out in time for Christmas. I learned my lesson from last year and have tried my best to stay on top of the never ending orders that are coming in.